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Here’s what newspapers and magazines are saying about LoggerHead Tools’ products:


The Wall Street Journal — December 10, 2005
“Wrenches usually junk up tool boxes and are tough on hands. This one solves both issu

es and eliminates a lot of guesswork with a single hole that adjusts as you squeeze the rubber-coated handles.”

Newsday — January 19, 2006 
“Because of its wrap-around grip, it won’t strip corners like conventional wrenches and pliers.”

Star Telegram (Dallas/Fort Worth)/Detroit News — February 25, 2006
“Gimmick tools don’t usually impress me. And at first glance, the new Bionic Wrench might seem like another one of those made-for-TV specials. But it is actually a solid tool that really works…The Bionic Wrench is far superior to regular pliers or an adjustable wrench – and you don’t have to worry whether the nut is metric or standard-sized.”

The Charlotte Observer — March 11, 2006
“The Bionic Wrench from LoggerHead Tools teams the versatility of an adjustable wrench with the simplicity of pliers. The wrench won’t slip or round off nuts or bolts. In fact, it can often remove fasteners damaged by other wrenches.”

The Wall Street Journal — March 21, 2006
“In two of this year’s noted international design competitions, only two U.S. companies took home highest honors for their products. One, predictably, was giant Apple Computer Inc. for its sleek, high-tech iPod Nano music player. The other was a tiny unknown Illinois upstart named LoggerHead Tools LLC.”

Arkansas Democrat Gazette — April 1, 2006
“As easy to use as a pair of pliers. Excellent gripping action of jaws means wrench won’t slip off and damage bolt.”

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review — April 13, 2006
“It’s innovative, it’s a fun tool, we were struck by its fresh take on the wrench,” said Roy Berendsohn, senior home editor at (Popular Mechanics). “The wrench is among the most closely examined of hand tools, and you would think that, by now, everything that could be done with a wrench had been done. But this was a fresh take, the sort of tool that you pick up and say ‘wow!’.”

Chicago Sun-Times — May 16, 2006
“Think about it as (Dan) Brown did: a wrench that would not just provide a couple of pincers but would totally envelope the little nut it’s attacking…Simple? Maybe. But through the years, not even giant tool makers thought of the concept.”

The Denver Post — June 11, 2006
“This Father’s Day, show him you care enough to choose the scorchingly hottest gifts… Make your dad feel like The Six Million Dollar Man with a bionic wrench set from LoggerHead Tools. Not only do these handy gizmos combine wrenches and pliers, they also replace most metric wrench sizes.”

Star-Telegram (Dallas/Fort Worth)/Detroit News — July 15, 2006
“Having scored big with its Bionic Wrench, LoggerHead Tools is following up with the Bionic Grip, pliers that are based on the same design as the introductory tool. “Like its cousin, the Grip has four serrated jaw surfaces that grab a fastener head and won’t let go. It is a cross between an adjustable wrench and a pair of pliers and provides the user with amazing torque.”


BusinessWeek — October 2005
“Because it applies force only to the side surfaces, it won’t strip the corners the way conventional wrenches or pliers do.”

Taunton’s Tool Guide 2006
“LoggerHead Tools just put itself on the map with the Bionic Wrench…It’s an ingenious design.”

Better Homes and Gardens Wood — January 2006
“No more chasing down the right size open-ended or box wrench (or guessing between English or metric) with the Bionic Wrench from LoggerHead Tools.”

do! Magazine — May 2006
“Now there can be one less tool in your toolbox. Get better use out of an adjustable wrench – blend it with pliers.”

Woman’s World — June 20, 2006
“Easy grip handles loosen any bolt with ease.”

Network World — June 26, 2006
“This is a wrench with a difference: It is infinitely adjustable, like your regular adjustable wrench – but far more effective. You also stand a lot less chance of stripping the skin from your knuckles, as often happens when a regular adjustable wrench loses its grip.”

Boating Life — June 2006
“This next-gen tool spoiled us. It’s adjustable to 14 sizes with a simple squeeze.”

This Old House — July 2006
“This second-generation Bionic tool (Bionic Grip) has a locking grip, so you don’t need Superman’s strength to keep the four serrated jaws engaged as you turn.”

Rainy Day (Internet Magazine) — July 2006
“This tool (The Bionic Grip) is just the thing for every Makers’ and Tinkerers’ tool chest. The Bionic Wrench and the Bionic Grip are the first tools we reach for, if they work for the job, we use them…if not, then we look for something else. “How will the traditional tools compare to the Bionic Grip? We rounded up three representative tools (adjustable wrench, pliers, pipe wrench) to go head-to-head with the Bionic Grip. …The surface contact of the traditional tools are less compared to the Bionic Grip. The larger surface contact translates directly to more torque applied to the turning or force in the grip.”

Innovative Home — Fall 2006
“The Bionic Wrench does not round off corners as do some traditional pliers and wrenches, and the product’s design protects the tool from slipping off and damaging the bolt.”